The estimated main profit of the use of the investment according to the project plan will be 600 Million RMB; minus the cost, the selling profit will be 300 Million RMB

The second year main profit will be 3 Billion RMB; minus the rolling cost of development, the selling profit will be 1.7 Billion RMB

.      The third year main profit will be 6 Billion RMB; minus the rolling cost of development, the selling profit will be 3.5 Billion RMB. The increasing rate of the main profit will above 10%.

This project is a new high technology project, based on the tax preference policy; the tax rate for first three years will be counted at 6.5% and the following three years at 2.3% (local policy will be even better) with the average profit of 53%.  10% of each yearly profit will be reserve funds of the enterprise development and research development.  In three years the project will be able to turn in over 1 Billion RMB in profit tax to the state.

The planned repayment period of capital cost will be three years (except the situation of other value added service).  Three years later the increasing main income rate will is estimated to be more than 10% yearly. The main income could reach over 7 Billion RMB in the fifth year.

            In all, market prospect of this project is very attractive.  It will bring a vast of social benefit with its advanced technology, less risk, and high recovery efficiency.  So this project is very necessary and efficient.
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