BRIEF INTRODUCTION

1    Project Name: China Anti-Counterfeiting and Authentication Network System Engineering (CAAN).

2.        Project Corporation:  China Great Wall Anti-Counterfeiting Network Corporation LTD.

3.        Mode of Operation: Government Authorized, company operation, Armed Forces of China Network Support.

4.         Four Advantages:

l         State project assigned by the China State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.

l         Advanced expertise and technology that is supervised by the Chinese National Government

l         Supported by the main Network of the Armed Forces of China.

l         Attractive Market Prospect

a).Provide a reliable anti-counterfeiting method for all established enterprises in China.

b).Provide an advanced way of fighting against fake goods and forgery to the organizations responsible for executing the law.

c).Build a safe and confident shopping environment for customers knowing that the products they are buying are authentic.

d).Assist the State government in carrying out “the policy of mandatory admittance of commodity”

5.        The Four “Onlys”:

a)        The Only authorized corporation in China by the China State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and the China Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Association.

b)        The Only Corporation in China using the technology based on a database network to fight counterfeiting.

c)        The Only Corporation in China to have obtained the National Special Services Code: 12365

d)        The Only Corporation in China supported by the communications network of the Armed Forces of China.

6.        Four Convenient and Effective Database Inquiry and Accessibility:

1.        Internet Inquiries via the World Wide Web

2.        Worldwide Telephone Inquiries Hot Line (Toll Free only within China)

3.        Mobile SMS Text Message Inquiries using the same Hot Line number (Worldwide)

4.        Scanning Terminal Network Inquiries (Nationwide, mainly available for enterprises, wholesalers, small business owners, specialty shops, and law enforcement departments and organizations for the purposes of registering the products they produce and to verify their authenticity)

7.        Four Consolidation Methods:

1.        Consolidation and Planning (Create Franchise branches within China and standardize the Network configuration and set up within all branches)

2.        Consolidation of Advertising and Marketing Strategies (All branch franchises will have the same company brand and logo of  “China Anti-Counterfeiting and Authentication Network”)

3.        Consolidation of Technology (Standard Technology will be used in all facilities)

4.        Consolidation of Standards (Offer the same and least expensive prices all over China) 

8.        Four Terms, Conditions, and Requirements for potential Cooperation

1.        Enterprises or companies with enough investment capacity, or those recommended by the National Government.

2.        Ability to negotiate effectively with governmental institutions and business enterprises within China to create long lasting business relations.

3.        A good knowledge of IT Industry Standards and Technology preferred.

4.      A comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Chinese Law and Regulations.

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