COMPANY  INTRODUCTION

China Great Wall Anti-Counterfeiting Network Corporation LTD. (CAN) is a high-tech, network corporation Joint Venture with the Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Center of China Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Association and Zhuhai Hongjing Investment Co., Ltd.  

Led and supported by the China State Bureau of Quality and     Technical Supervision and the China Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Association, CAN is the only authorized corporation in China assigned to operate as China Anti-Counterfeiting and Authentication Network System Engineering” (CAAN).   CAN carries out the work of the “China Anti-Counterfeiting and Authentication Network System Engineering” (CAAN) to eliminate counterfeit products and commodities.  It is under the guidance and organization of the China Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Association that fulfills the operation and development of the China Anti-Counterfeiting and Authentication Network System Engineering.

China Anti-Counterfeiting and Authentication Network System Engineering is a new high tech project nationally supervised and approved by the China State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.  The goal of this project is to solve the big problem China faces of counterfeit products, which is a problem to China’s national economy and the livelihood of its people.  This system has adopted an advanced technology comprised of special network information databases for Anti-Counterfeiting which offers several methods of inquiry such as a special terminal network, mobile phone text messaging, the internet, and regular phone voice, to name a few. 

The Anti-Counterfeit database offers reliable anti-forgery tools for all established enterprises, consumers, and an innovative way for supervising and authenticating services for our government and law-enforcement agencies to efficiently prevent fake and forged products from going into circulation and can reduce the harm to the consumers from such products.  It can also offer multi-functional services such as merchandise inquiry information, merchandise counterfeit statistics, available products information, product consumption feed back reports, and product sales statistics.

The establishment and operation of the Anti-Counterfeiting and Authentication Network System Engineering organizations will create a new era for the availability of valuable, real-time information to assist in merchandise anti-counterfeiting and manufacturing, by controlling the flow of counterfeit products from going into circulation, in order to maintain a safe shopping experience and a more stable economic market in China.

We have a large number of highly qualified teams and individuals, who are very creative and hold a complex and wide range of knowledge.  They can develop special software and set up many types of facilities independently using their many years of IT experience, Advanced Technology, Proprietary Technology Thus it has provided an amazing platform to manage the products produced by enterprises all over China.

With its high quality, standards, and uniqueness, CAAN can still meet the exact needs of Anti-Counterfeiting for all established enterprises in China, by customizing the accessibility of information and technology of materials circulation management.  At present, we have a large number of committed and stable clients.   We plan to establish 35 subsidiary companies in several different Provinces, and 385 to 2000 branches in cities and counties throughout China in order to build a strong platform of integrative information to reduce the problem of counterfeit products.

The advantages we have of over our high technology, a large capital, and excellent product have helped us in putting our company in an advantage within this specific market.  Our goal is to become the main driving force for China’s Anti-Counterfeiting and Materials Circulation Management and develop a standard for the globalization of the high technology of China’s Anti-Counterfeiting strategy. 
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