The China Anti -counterfeiting NeMork Corporation,Ltd.(CAN) is joint ventured by Anti-coun terfeiting Center and zhuhai-jinghong Anti-counterfeiting Co: Ltd. with registered capital 50 million RMB. CAN is the only only one corporation autho-rized to operate the "China Anti-counterfeiting and Authentication Newiork System Engineering-(CAAN),assigned by the China Trade Association for Anti-counterfeiting,the State brueau of Quality echnical supervision.Through CAAN and the nation-wide satellite communication network of PLA with local terminal network, CAN cold provide her clients with reliable and safe services for anti-counterfeiting and authentication of commodities and products. The service items of CAN are: Anti-counterfeiting and aufhenticationhetwork engineering;operation and technical de-velopment of information engineering, technical transferring; technical consultation,technical training information service,devel-oped products sales, compute( and peripherals, electronic -elements, electro--rnechanic facilities; computer network engineer -ing, computer database development, system integration of IT industries, show and display planning and service etc.

        China Great Wall Andlts Anti-forgery and Fidelity Protection Networking System         An interview with the Chairman of CAN


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