Zhongfang Great Wall Andlts Anti-forgery and Fidelity

                                                       Protection Networking System

 Fakesforecries and substandard proauets constitute a growing problem for the Chinese economy. Causing economic losses estimated at 200 billion yuan a year, despite repeated crackdowns launched by the government over the years. The Zhongfang Great Wall Networking ScienceTechnology Company

Zhongfang Great Wall for short15 spearheading the fight with an anti-forgery anti fidelity protection networking system to its credit.

Zhongfang Great Wall is a high-tech company launched with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. and operates under the joint auspices ofThe State Quality Inspection Bureau, the National Office for Administration over Anti-forgeryProducts and China Anti-forgery Association. In an interviewwiththe authorBoard Chairman Liao Zhitong said that the company was planning to set up 35 provincial branches and several hundred outlets in all parts of China including the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions and Taiwan Province.

While helping the government in the nationwide fight against fakes, forgeries and substandard goods, Zhongfang Great Wall use the high-techs at its disposal to offer a range of information services to companies, including services related to logistics managementcorporate governanceadvertising E-commerce and marketing strategies. "We also help companies formulate plans for optimizing their products," the board chairman said.

    The anti-forgery and fidelity protection networking system is the company's key produa It is revolutionary, saidliao,inthatitisa combination of a complete range of"pinnacle"technologies currently available in China and the rest of the world. With support of a satellite communications network and adatabank, the system functions as a system of authentication applicable across the country. To he more precise, the board chairman said, the system makes it possible for theproducerwhole-seller,retailer and consumer to right in unison against forgeries, fakes and substandard goods, by means of real-time inquiries through screening, telephone calls, handset messages and the Internet. Use of the system costs not a single penny,the board chairman saidas the added value generated by the system's anti-forgery functions is more than enough to offset the system's operation cost.

The system was developed with support of not only the government. but also of the Communications Department of the Chinese People's Liberation Army General Staff. "This is a highly reliable; highly efficient system," said Liao. "Moreover, it has a large enough capacity to  Servicelarge-scale market operations."

 "The system can effectively prevent fakesand forged and Substandard products from intlltrming into the market and help enterprises protect their legitimate rights and interests." Liao said. "Wherever the system is used, shoppers can put their hearts at complete ease.

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