With the joining of the Chinese economy and the world economy, a healthy internationalization marketing management scheme was considered a must after China joined the WTO.   The standardization within the Chinese market for the circulation of commodities is the founding mechanism to meet the needs of business’s urgency to standardize under the new economic conditions.


At present in China, there are more and more fake and forged products, and the situation is not getting any better.   At the same time, counterfeit goods have found their way in all parts of the world in a free all–in-one trade, which gradually has become an international social and economic phenomenon.   So it is our task to reduce the number of counterfeit products, not only within China, but across borders world wide.


In the face of this problem, in order to protect rights of consumers and enterprises and develop a healthy and normal market, CAAN software development was established in September 1999 by the China State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, China Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Association, the Science University of People’s Liberation Army, and the China Great Wall Anti-Counterfeiting Network Corporation LTD. (CAN).    It successfully passed the Project Identification by state organizations, which provide the necessary conditions for the project of   “China Anti-Counterfeiting and Authentication Network System Engineering” (CAAN).

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